about us


Whether you are a local freelancer who only occasionally needs an office, a visiting professional consultant, a new attorney, a designer or just want a space to get away from the distractions of home or your regular office, Outside the Box Business CenterTM is here to serve!

Outside the Box Business CenterTM offers a departure from traditional ways of working by allowing you to have flexibility with your work space or meeting space. Use only the office time you need and avoid the overhead of an office. Full featured color and B&W Self-Serve copiers are available for printing at a competitive rate. Future offerings include computers for rent with a variety of business software.

Located just 1 block from the Courthouse and the Old Courthouse Museum, Outside the Box Business CenterTM puts you in the heart of Vicksburg's business and historic district! Come and spend the day with us at 908 Cherry Street, near the bustling southeast corner of Jackson Avenue and Cherry Street beside the Fire Station.

Have lunch at the Main Street Cafe next door and enjoy downtown's chic shops and other restaurants to unwind after your day of work then come back tomorrow...next week...next month and spend more time with us!