Introducing Outside the Box Business Center!!!

Hello Vicksburg and Visitors to the Area!
We would like to introduce ourselves here at Outside the Box Business Center LLCTM, a coworking space for day office space rentals, meeting space rentals, self-serve B&W and color copier center, as well as computer time rentals. We are opening Saturday, March 11, 2017 in historic downtown Vicksburg, MS!
Be sure to look for these symbols around town and in welcome centers around the state of Mississippi (our cards may be “under the counter” so just ask the welcome center specialist on duty if they have one of our rackcards)!:
Now if you are curious about why Outside the Box Business Center LLCTM has a logo with a circle and square as a part of the logo symbol, well there are several schools of thought that were extremely interesting.
-One thought was that the circle expresses the shape of heaven, with earth symbolized by a square. A square inside a circle in some cultures symbolize the union between heaven and earth.
-Another thought is that the circle is symbolic of the mind and thought while the square is symbolic of the body.
While the cosmic symbology of heaven and earth is compelling, we at Outside the Box Business Center LLCTM like the inclusiveness of the circular symbol and the fact that no one spending time with us should feel “boxed in” to a certain way of approaching ideas and working environments!
We welcome you to our space any time!
“Our Space, Your Time”