"The Gig Economy"

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There are several articles out there on the “Gig Economy” and the “Gig Worker”, as if it is a new and passing fancy!
Today's gig worker may include:
-the consultant who has retired from working full time to choose the projects he/she wants to work but may not want to work in the home environment all the time or have a dedicated full-time office.
-the young entrepreneur who needs a place to create or plan --or perhaps meet with prospective clients from time to time
-the contract professional who offers a service to the public who doesn’t normally need an office or meeting room
-the artist who creates works of art and also the market that is receptive to those works
-the homemaker who has decided to launch a long nurtured idea with minimal overhead investment to give the idea(s) time to flourish or…
-perhaps you could be the next gig worker?
Reading through the several articles written over just the past year on the "gig economy" by several business magazines and news sources, we find stats that boast of the gig workforce soon growing to make up as much of 50% of the workforce in a few years not just in the United States but also the rest of the world!
Why is this important? Well, it isn't just the fact that the article tout the gig economy as what could "save the American worker". When we stop to think about it, the so-called "gig worker" and "gig economy" really describe the small business owner and their small businesses that have always been the backbone of the local community over the years.
Of course, it has been tough for the small business that has found itself in a competition with big business. The result: small business has been dismissed over the years as an option by many due to the number of small businesses that have failed for various reasons. Those who survive have either learned to develop specialty products that may be overlooked by big business, continue on a part-time basis or develop business opportunities worldwide.
Now, don't misunderstand. This blog is anything but a big business bash! Is there room for the small business to co-exist beside big business? Absolutely!
Could it simply be we are coming full circle back to the days when small business was the norm?
In times of uncertain economic conditions, it is nice to have economical options to launch your "gig" or simply a way to minimize overhead at critical times of growth!
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